Writer, duffer, Jewfro owner, just trying to live by the mantra Look like Barbie, Smoke like Marley since 1991.

I try to live on the edge, so I don’t take up too much room…I’ve never been arrested, but sometimes I’ll split an infinitive.

Tweets as @rachelschraer


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  1. Scott Hider says:

    Thank you for spending the time writing this review, it’s fantastic. I have worked and lived in Bristol for over 15 years now and I’m proud to boast it as ‘my city’ – in Thailand right now and having to explain the place all the time, may as well send them
    This link! – although we do also have a thriving business centre and financial services sector which is a strong heart beat in the South West economy. With a mix of city facilities coupled with beautiful countryside and green spaces Bristol is a wonderful vibrant city. Your pictures are beautiful and the style of our don’t give a shit street art/graffiti style makes me proud to always slightly sticking one finger up to the establishment whist saying. Do one, we’re the Bristol Crew!!!

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