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The Conservatives don’t have a clue – let alone a long-term economic plan

I’ve neglected this blog and so, out of guilt, just quickly posting something I wrote for the New Statesman before the election in lieu of a new post for now! Or you can read the original here The Conservatives want you … Continue reading

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hello world

Shakira, you eminent classicist, your casual song-lyric reference to lycanthropy makes me literally love the world. You know that feeling when you get an out-of-nowhere rush of love for someone? Or for somewhere or something, or just for people in … Continue reading

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Bristol, give me a signal

Bristol. City of squats whose graffiti is a more famous landmark than its cathedral, who has a bakery called Bread an’ Ting, a home-ware store called Happytat and a stationery shop called Paper Gangsta; even your shop names have a … Continue reading

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how to not be naked, and still stick it to the man

I’m all for any subculture that endorses looking like a twat. Bear with me now, I need to clarify this: there’s a special kind of magical power—a Patronus shield, if you will—that hangs around people who don’t take themselves too … Continue reading

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make love, not adipose tissue

I have a confession. I love ― I mean unhealthily, obsessively love ― Supersize vs Superskinny. It’s so wrong and yet it feels so right: the diet porn freak-show format, the garish shirts, the unfathomable food tube, the prosthetic limb-beige … Continue reading

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Bentham’s Panopticon operated under the ethos that the subjugated were always seen but could never see, and the oppressors always seeing, but never seen. This concept for a prison was intended for the prisoners to internalise the constant sense of … Continue reading

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what fresh hell is this?

Freshers’ week: Oh those crazy shenanigans we all had, trailblazing our way through never-before discovered territory: blue body paint, £1 snake bites, attending lectures feeling seven shades of vom, not attending lectures because you feel seven shades of vom and … Continue reading

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